Earth Day Is Epic at the De Sena's Vermont House

Earth Day Is Epic at the De Sena's Vermont House

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Earth Day on Wednesday gave all of us pause. With the orders to stay at home, kids have a new appreciation for the planet. They've been planting, planking, and playing outdoors more than ever. They're hearing that wildlife is returning to the polluted waters where tourism reigned and zoo animals are being filmed having the times of their lives, now that they've been freed of the pressure to perform.

We've all come to appreciate our bikes, birds, and the mundane in a new way — all while sneaking in burpees, of course. And speaking of the "course," we're all in the same boat. We cannot wait for them to open, and for everyone to get back on track. But if you watched the video of our astronauts in space sharing their excitement about returning to Earth, you realize that even in the painful haze of COVID-19, "The Earth is still beautiful."

Naturally, our search for hope, happiness, and Earth Day inspiration landed us at the home of Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena — with his wife, Courtney, and four children — in Pittsfield, Vermont. Their Earth Day consisted of mischief from the family parrot, a globe-inspired kettlebell paining, and a gluten-free pancake delivery to dad.

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Here's a look at a day in the life of the De Senas, on none other than Earth Day. We hope it inspires you and yours to take a breath and appreciate this profound planet, and the people on it. Happy Earth Day.

The De Sena's Earth Day Diary

Art Is Everywhere

According to supermom Courtney De Sena, "lots of music, baking (with a wide range of results), and artsy stuff keep us busy and staying positive." That's the best advice we've heard in ages.

earth day inspiration

earth day inspiration

Get Grilled Over the Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe

Watch as Catherine De Sena gracefully delivers, and proceeds to recite, the gluten-free recipe to Joe. And check out @SpartanKidsRace on Instagram for the recipe video. Bonus: Plant-based ingredients coconut flour and almond milk are good for you and the Earth.


Pop Art Meets Kettlebells

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than painting the pet kettlebell?

P.S. A whopping 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water! Wow.

earth day inspiration

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Pets Rock

Helen of Troy, the De Sena family parrot, keeps watch over the chores and to-do list. She also keeps it interesting by nibbling on the recycled paper. It's funny how she likes to take a little bite out of the work list (wink, wink). She'll probably appear on the De Sena TikTok. Stand by for the #follow!

earth day inspiration

Heroine Worship

After a day of Zoom school, some TikTok fun, slo-mo videos, and art curation, the De Senas watched the Jane Goodall documentary on National Geographic, in honor of the legend. It's a great quarantine family doc. (Goodall's website is a treasure trove of thinking-kid resources if you need somewhere to send your little ones online.)

Just like Spartan, Goodall pushes boundaries and is passionately devoted to a mission bigger than just herself.


Happy Earth Day!

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