5 Simple Steps to Make Medals for Your Kids at Home

5 Simple Steps to Make Medals for Your Kids at Home

All parents are scrambling this summer, searching for safe activities that they can do with their kids as the pandemic continues. And, of course, there is an endless search for .. say it with us ... projects. There are never enough projects to fill the days! Once again, Sefra Alexandra — a Spartan Up! Podcast co-host also known as the Seed Huntress — is coming to the rescue, helping us make easy, kid-friendly medals with your family. 

As Spartans, we know how rewarding it feels to cross the race finish line and put that medal around our neck. We even have a rack to display them all on. That medal means that you accomplished something pretty major: You crawled through the mud, you threw a spear into a target and, most importantly, you overcame serious adversity and came out stronger on the other side.

Of course, we're more than a little restricted these days. Some of us may be back on the course, but many of us are still trying to recreate that OCR magic in our backyard. That's why our Virtual Races have become so important to our community: There's still a way to flex your Spartan muscles and feel that sense of camaraderie. All of us — kids especially — are missing that right now.

So sign up for the next one with your family, and make these DIY medals in the meantime.

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What You Need to Make Your Own Kids Medals

  • Sculpey, which you can find at your local art supply store, Michael’s, or online
  • Toothpicks
  • Baking sheet
  • String

Make Your Own Kids Medals in 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose a color of Sculpey, take a small pinch of it (the size of a marble), roll it into a ball, and squeeze it flat between your thumb and pointer finger.

2. Design your winning symbol! It can be the Spartan logo or whatever you dream up. Use a toothpick to draw it in the center of your medal.

how to make your own medal

3. Use the toothpick to make a hole at the top of the medal, large enough for your string to fit through.

how to make your own medal

4. Place your medals on a metal or glass baking sheet and "cook" in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 minutes (per a fourth inch of thickness).

how to make your own medal

5. Let the medals cool and then pull the string through, making sure it's long enough to fit over your head. Wear it with pride!

Still wish you could hang the real deal around your neck? You can pre-order our Spartan Kids Virtual Race 2.0 Upgrade Kit, which includes a T-shirt and medal. And send us your photos of your kids wearing their medals, so we can feature them on our Instagram page!