SPARTAN Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle



The Original 2-in-1 SPARTAN Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle: hydration and massage on-the-go. Calm is a superpower!

Perfect for everyday use and high-performance activity, SPARTAN Mobot Foam Roller Water Battle is designed to carry with you and help you roll out anywhere!  Foam rolling with your SPARTAN Mobot helps your muscles relax, increase circulation and aid recovery. We want to support everyBODY, at every turn, run or roll!
Grace gives you the ability to roll your entire body with ease and target specific muscles. The smaller diameter is perfect to carry with you as it fits most backpack sleeves and gym equipment. Drink 3-4 a day and you've met your hydration needs.


  • Hydration and Massage on-the-go: 27 oz
  • Supports up to 350lb
  • 11 x 3 inch / 28 x 7.5 cm
  • High Density Nontoxic EVA Foam
  • FDA Approved 100% Recycled Stainless Steel, 18/8 304 BPA Free
  • Silent Sip Straw Lid
  • TSA approved
  • Color: Black

Care instructions:

Hand-wash your bottle and lid with hot, soapy water. Rinse your MOBOT as well as the cap, and then you’re ready to roll. DO NOT put in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.


    Color: Black
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