SPARTAN Franklin OCR Multi 1.0 Glove-1.5 Copy of Live Store



Spartans need a racing glove that can grip tight in any conditions. With a comfortable, seamless fit and dry and wet-grip builds, the Franklin® OCR Multi 1.0 is the ultimate OCR glove. Period.

Color: Black
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We’re done with shoes that fail. This one won’t.

If the ancient Spartans wore the RD Pro at the Battle of Thermopylae, they would have won. Fast forward; you’re overloaded with choices of athletic shoes that break, cause blisters, can’t get clean, stay uncomfortable and are basically worthless. At Spartan, we build the hardest races and most challenging obstacles, and run thousands of miles testing them. The RD Pro was built ground-up with indestructible features for racing fast and training hard, in conditions from perfect to fear-inducing.