SPARTAN by CRAFT RD PRO Beast OCR Running Shoe



SPARTAN by CRAFT RD PRO Beast OCR Running Shoe - Women's

Built for the OCR athlete by the OCR athlete. Guaranteed for 1 Year.

These shoes are a perfect combination of all-terrain traction, lightweight flexibility, and engineered support to conquer the most demanding obstacles courses in the world. The shoe is low-to-the-ground and rugged with a sleek profile that gives premier athletes a decided edge during varying race-day conditions.

Hydrain™ technology allows for the quick and effective evacuation of water from the inside of the shoe to help athletes to traverse any water obstacle and transition to dry ground seamlessly.

The lug system provides traction on outdoor terrain while the X shaped design pattern on forefoot and upper ensures optimum grip at the unique angles created by uneven terrain. The midfoot area is reinforced in order to give stability and traction for climbing.

The RD Pro comes loaded with a speed lace closure system and ARC-Foam™ (Active Response Cushioning) technology. The foam perfectly responds to heel impact, absorbs shock, and rebounds energy through toe off giving spring through each stride.

The RD Pro is virtually indestructible. The quick-dry and easy-clean nylon upper gets you to the next race while the ObstaTech™ KPU engineered cage adds enhanced mid-foot flexible ribs, heel stability layer, durable toe cap reinforcement, and added lateral durability to prevent blowouts.

Color: Beast
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