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What is 100% Ticket Protection?

Spartan+ Ticket Protection Program is a benefit of Spartan+ membership that lets members commit to events with full confidence. There are some things in this world that even Spartan grit and determination can’t overcome so we have created a program that means our members have additional options with regards to a cancelled or rescheduled event. As a Spartan+ member if your event gets cancelled or moved by Spartan, you may request a full refund of tickets, add ons, and fees or receive Spartan’s standard ticket transfer option. It’s that simple and your choice.

How it works:

  • If Spartan cancels or reschedules an Event for any reason, including cancellation due to local Covid 19 restrictions, you have the rights to the following:
  • - You will see a notification regarding your Ticket Protection. in the event detail page of your account. This is the same place where you see your event tickets.
  • - Spartan will automatically refund you where an Event is cancelled and not rescheduled. No action necessary.
  • - If Spartan reschedules the Event, you can choose to refund your purchase price or keep you race registration for the rescheduled Event. You have 60 days to request a refund from time of cancellation.
  • - In addition to the Ticket Price, Ticket processing fees, tax, and add-ons (parking, iTab, etc.) are refunded.
  • - Refunded tickets for Trifecta Pass purchaser’s codes will remain active and can be used to book another event of the same distance.

  • What isn't covered:
  • - Individual racer injury or illness is not covered by this program.
  • - Non-members are not eligible for this program. You must be a Spartan Plus member as of the date of cancellation to receive these benefits.
  • - Included with Spartan+ annual, monthly, and memberships attached to Trifecta or Season passes.
  • - Must be a member on the date of cancellation announcement to receive a refund.
  • - Members must request their refund within 60 days of qualifying change or cancellation.

Read the full list of details and terms here.

What if I already have a Spartan Fit App subscription?
If you have a monthly Spartan FIT subscription open subscriptions from your phones settings & select Spartan FIT. On the next screen choose 'Cancel Subscription'. When you open the FIT app you will see instructions. For more detailed instructions read our full FAQ.
What if I already bought a Season or Trifecta Pass?
2021 Season and Trifecta Pass holders (including those who purchased a 2021 upgrade) automatically get free access to Spartan+ membership and all benefits. Your membership will be valid until December 31, 2021. If you purchased a 2020 Season or Trifecta pass and did not purchase the 2021 upgrade, Spartan+ will not be included in your pass benefits for 2021.
When do I get billed for my membership?
You will get billed the yearly or monthly amount upon the anniversary of purchase of Spartan+. Your membership will automatically renew until you cancel.
How do I manage or cancel my subscription?
To manage or cancel your subscription, sign in to your account and navigate to the Settings section. There you will find a section labelled Spartan+ where you can manage your subscription details. Cancellation before 3 days will result in a full refund. Cancellation after 3 days will not refund the membership fee but you will continue to receive benefits for the remainder of the billing period.
How do I redeem my 20% off merchandise benefit?
Your member-only discount will be automatically applied to your cart at the time of purchase. First, sign into your account and When shopping online you must first sign in and then look for the code MEMBERSHIP20 in your cart. This code will only work for Spartan+ members so you may not share it with anyone. No discount code or special steps are needed.
Where do I manage my billing information?
If you need to change your billing address, name, or payment method first sign in to your Spartan account. Then, go to your account settings and make the necessary changes and click save.
How does my guaranteed wave time work?
When you register for a race in the Open Category you will have the option of selecting a wave time. This selection will be guaranteed to you on race day. If you wish to race as part of a team this guaranteed time does not extend to other members of your team. If you are part of a team, your start time may change to a different start time in the same time block to accommodate your team.
How do I use my perks and benefits?
At live events you will need to present your ticket with the Spartan+ logo displayed on it. You may also be asked to show a photo ID such as a driver’s license. When shopping online you must first sign in and then your membership discount will automatically be applied to your cart. Look for the code MEMBERSHIP20 in your cart. This code will only work for Spartan+ members so you may not share it with anyone. The account benefits like HD photos and Trifecta analysis are available inside your account at The Spartan FIT app subscription is included with your membership and all you need to do is download the app and sign in using your Spartan account.
At which events will the Member Recovery Zone be available?

The Member Recovery Zone will be featured at our events in 2021 and 2022 that are the most challenging where racers need to recover between multiple events in the day. All Trifecta Weekends will feature the recovery tent as well as select other events*. Here is the full list of recovery zone events.

2021 Events:

  • • Ohio Trifecta Weekend
  • • Tri-State NY
  • • Colorado Springs
  • • Fayetteville Trifecta Weekend
  • • Palmerton
  • • Utah Trifecta Weekend
  • • Asheville
  • • Portland
  • • New England
  • • Monterey
  • • Hawaii Trifecta Weekend
  • • West Virginia Trifecta Weekend
  • • Seattle North Trifecta Weekend
  • • Midwest
  • • North Lake Tahoe NA Championship
  • • Tri-State NJ Trifecta Weekend
  • • Big Bear Trifecta Weekend
  • • Telluride Ultra World Championship
  • • Dallas
  • • SoCal Trifecta Weekend
  • • Central Florida

2022 Events

  • • Montana Trifecta Weekend
  • • Big Bear Trifecta Weekend
  • • Fayetteville Trifecta Weekend
  • • Utah Trifecta Weekend
  • • Hawaii Trifecta Weekend
  • • Tri-State NJ Trifecta Weekend
  • • Arizona Trifecta Weekend

...more to be announced when the full schedule is released

*Subject to supply chain and local COVID guideline limitations.