Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts for Unbreakable Spartan Dads in 2021

Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts for Unbreakable Spartan Dads in 2021

Now, more than ever, being a badass dad takes serious grit, determination and stamina. It hasn’t exactly been easy this year—or this decade, even—to parent, let alone prioritize family fitness. With technology off the charts (think: youngsters glued to smartphones) and pandemic challenges (like distance-learning barriers or food-shortage free-for-alls), a discipline-and-done M.O. just doesn’t cut it anymore. Good parenting (which includes championing a healthy lifestyle for the kiddos) is so much more. 

Kids behave how they see their parents act. So it’s crucial that tough dads (and moms) model a healthy lifestyle by example. That means pounding pavement at 5 a.m. to squeeze workouts before the sun (or the littles) rise. Then, weaving those values into the family flow by encouraging kids away from video games and into the outdoors. (The younger, the better.)

Adhere to Spartan CEO Joe De Sena’s no-BS parenting style to “always keep them active”and you’ll be on the fit-family fast track. But be warned: skip your workouts or eat like garbage, and the whole clan runs the risk of becoming soft and weak AF. No Spartan wants that. 

To support active dads in their fitness goals, we compiled our top five Father’s Day gift ideas into one killer exercise getup. These essentials will inspire fit fathers to not only push their own physical limits but also set the tone for a happy, healthy household. Here, get the best, unbreakable gear upgrades that’ll blow his mind and crush any excuse to skimp on exercise.

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Top 5 Fitness Father’s Day Gifts for Unbreakable Dads

1. FOR SHADE FROM SUMMER SUN: Spartan ‘47 Bond Contender Hat 

Every active dad needs a prize hat to shield his face from beating rays as he shreds singletrack with the kiddos. The Spartan ‘47 Bond Contender Hat is made from a breathable polyester-cotton blend, and it’s structured baseball-style with a bold crown and curved visor to protect his peripheral vision in the harshest light. An elastic sweatband keeps it snug during intense sweat sessions in windy conditions so he can hack it all day long—no matter what. 

2. FOR MASTER METRICS: Amazfit T-Rex Pro

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Even if he’s not a metrics nerd, he’ll dig the Amazfit T-Rex Pro multi-mode sports watch for its military-grade durability that withstands even the toughest of beatings. Its adventure-ready design has a tough outer casing primed for everything from flipping tires to crushing long trail runs in the coldest, hottest or most humid conditions. Paired with the app, intelligent GPS and body-battery programming tracks each workout’s progress via HRV, blood-oxygen saturation and several other key metrics. And the internal weather tracker, compass and barometric altimeter makes it the ideal compadre in the backcountry. Plus, it has up to 18 days of battery life (no joke) and costs a fraction of any other smart watch on the market. 


3. FOR A UNIVERSAL TANK: Spartan By Craft Deft 2.0 Singlet

If he’s the kind of guy who lives in workout gear, consider the Spartan By Craft Deft 2.0 Singlet your go-to. This tank has ultra-comfortable jersey fabric for lounging around with the kids in the backyard or cranking out a healthy family BBQ. Its breathable cotton-polyester blend wicks sweat away from skin during light workouts to keep him cool. Plus, flatlock seams prevent annoying chafing during aggressive movements when he hits it hard. 

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4. FOR BREATHABLE SHORTS: Spartan By Craft Deft 2.0 Comfort Short 

The Spartan By Craft Deft 2.0 Comfort Short is the most versatile training short around. Stretch-woven polyester fabric is super comfy for all-day wear (think: breathable basketball shorts, but better) and an elastic waistband with an inner drawcord makes them adjustable for everything from tough workouts to chaise-lounge chilling. Not to mention, he can easily stash keys or a wallet in two deep side-seam pockets when he’s on the go, worry free. 

5. FOR KILLER KICKS: Spartan By Craft Fuseknit X Training Shoe

The Spartan By Craft Fuseknit X Training Shoe can handle any and all fitness demands. A lightweight, high-energy return design gives these kicks a spring-loaded feel for extra support and cushion during intense workouts. With X-Support technology via reinforced cords that wrap under the foot and behind the heel, he’ll score max stability throughout his entire stride. Plus, the single-piece foam midsole absorbs energy at heel strike, transferring it to the forefoot launch pad for extra bound as he charges forward. Seamless sock-fit uppers offer epic flex for any sweat session from speed intervals to long runs.


Even tough dads need a little R&R. And while myofascial release isn’t exactly a massage, it’s pretty damn important to optimize performance and prevent injury. Score him the Spartan Ramroller—the one tool he can push, pull, squat, lunge and then deep tissue roll—to take his recovery routine to the next level. It’s our most epic, compact piece of gear weighted and ready for workouts anywhere, anytime. 

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