TEST: Austin is Unbreakable!

TEST: Austin is Unbreakable!

Spartan+ Exclusive

This is a paragraph using P<> HTML styling.



Here comes an image! To do this, you'll use a figure + img src class.

mmmm yummy drink (caption) photo credit

Here Is A H2 Headline Copy Statement!

Now here is a super sweet blockquote!! Check it out :), to do this I added blockquote<>HTML styling.

there are other super cool ways to make sentences standout. Here comes blockquote 2 style!

This is block quote style 2 :). To do this I combined <>figure class="testimonial" <>figcaption & <>blockquote HTML.
3 image gallery example photo credit


inline carousel example photo credit
This is a gallery example, built by uploading photos as metafields Photo credit
    This is a list. Created using <>ol & <>li HMTL.
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3
  4. Item 4


Here is product-1, with the image on the left. Created using <>p & [product-productnumber].


Here is product-2, with the image on the right. Created using <>p & [product-productnumber]